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Questions to Ask

In the period between January 2000 and August 1, 2005, 75 people have died in student housing fires across the country and countless others have been injured, lost their housing, personal belongings and school work in fires.

When visiting or selecting a school, make an informed decision and ask these questions when you are visiting campuses...


How many fires have occurred on campus in the past year, two years, five years?

How many students have been injured or have any been killed? How much dollar loss have these fires caused? This should be ALL fires, not just those reported as arson.


Are residence halls equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system?

 If not, why not? Sprinklers provide that vital first line of defense when it comes to controlling a fire.


Does every student's room have a smoke alarm?

Does it send a signal to campus security of the fire department? Fire alarm systems will give everyone the warning that there is a fire and it is time to get out.


How many false alarms have occurred in the residence halls?

False alarms cause students to stop paying attention to the alarms, which can be a fatal decision. False alarms ARE avoidable.


Is the fire department IMMEDIATELY notified whenever ANY fire alarm system is activated?

 Some schools investigate the alarm first and then notify the fire department. This delay can put more people at risk. The fire department should automatically be notified of ALL alarms.


Are smoking, candles and Halogen lamps prohibited in the residence halls?

Smoking is a leading cause of fires in residence halls.


does the school have policies that electrical appliances and power strips be certified as safe and reliable?

Overloaded power strips can cause fires.


How much fire prevention training does the residence hall staff receive?

These people are key components in an effective fire safety program.


How often are evacuation drills conducted?

There should be at least one per semester.


What is the school's disciplinary policy towards students that cause false alarms or fail to evacuate during an alarm?


Does the school provide fire extinguisher training for the students?



The Center For Campus Fire Safety

The Center for Campus Fire Safety, a non-profit organization (413) 323-6002 * info@campusfire.org * www.campusfire.org