Una Community Fire Department



Training: one way we save your life.

"Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, and working together is success" - Henry Ford

The objective of the Training Division is to provide realistic fire ground training for recruit and current firefighters while providing high levels of safety and minimizing risk to firefighters.

Our training starts with the basics such as; the proper way to hook fire hose to the fire hydrant.




Characteristics of a team leader - What abilities does it take?


Gets the job done


Makes decisions/Solves problems


Works with the team


Communicates with team members


The Four Stages of Team Development

  1. Forming - When a team is forming, members cautiously explore the boundaries of acceptable group behavior.

  2. Storming - Storming is probably the most difficult stage for the team. It is as if the team members jump in the water, and, thinking they are about to drown, start thrashing about. They begin to realize that the task is different and more difficult than they imagined, and become testy, anxious, or overzealous.

  3. Norming - During this stage, members reconcile competing loyalties and responsibilities. They accept the team ground rules (or "norms"), their roles in the team, and the individuality of fellow members. Emotional conflicts are reduced as previously competitive relationships become more cooperative. In other words, as team members realize they are not going to drown, they stop trashing about and start helping each other stay afloat.

  4. Performing - by this stage, the team has settled its relationships and expectations. They can begin performing - diagnosing and solving problems, and choosing and implementing changes. At last, team members have discovered and accepted each other's strengths and weaknesses, and learned what their roles are. Now they can swim in concert.


Ten Common Problems of Teams

  1. Floundering

  2. Overbearing Participants

  3. Dominating Participants

  4. Reluctant participants

  5. Unquestioned Acceptance of Opinion as Facts

  6. Rush to Accomplish

  7. Attribution

  8. Discounts

  9. Wanderlust

  10. Feuding with Team Members