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History of the Una Community Fire Department
The Una Community Fire Department was created in 1959 through the Una Water District. Throughout the years the department has progressed to a state of the art fire service provider. What started out as a pieced together department with donated apparatus and personnel with minimal training is now a department with modern day apparatus, equipment, and highly trained professionals.
Receiving Alarms
With the start of the department, the wives of the firefighters had a list of members names they were to call when a fire alarm came in and each would do their duty to get the firefighters on their way to the call. The next dispatching step was a siren that sounded off letting everyone know that there was a fire. This siren is still being used today as part of the county emergency warning system. Today Spartanburg County fire departments, ambulance squads and E.M.S. are dispatched through a county wide enhanced 911 system.

Below you will find the information that we have at this time on the people and events that have helped to shape the Una Community Fire Department into what we have today.
1948 The process of forming the water district began.
Boundary lines were drawn. The boundary areas included the Broadcast Dr. area.
The water district included: water, sewer, and garbage collection.
1955 The General Assembly passed Act 582, establishing the Una Water District on 5/19/1955.
The Una Water District operated out of a small house at 51 Carver Mill Rd.
1959 Fisher's Cafe closed the business that had been operating in the old fire station.
The Una Water District purchased the Fisher's Cafe building 8/1/1959.
The Water District added the first two bays and the kitchen to the building.
The water distribution system was installed (fire hydrants).
Taxpayers questioned not having fire protection, and the Una Fire District was organized in August of 1959.
1960 The Una Fire District purchased its first apparatus, a 1942 Ward LaFrance.
Purchased a 1951 international chassis and built a brush truck.
1968 Act 582 was amended and the Una Fire District was established 5/29/1968.
1969 The rear of the building was added for water works use.
Purchased a 1968 American LaFrance. Truck was shipped in a box car and unloaded at Hayne Yard.
The Reeves Bros. Mill sold out and the Saxon Mill Fire Department closed.
The Saxon Mill Fire Department donated a 1946 Ford engine.
1970 The third bay was added.
Metal building built to house Water District equipment.
1972 Purchased a 1972 Chevy American LaFrance engine.
Meeting room added to the station.
1984 Added two new bays to the station and remodeled the kitchen and meeting room.
1985 The name changed from Una Fire District to the Una Fire Department 11/18/1985.
1988 Purchased 1987 Pierce 7/28/1988.
Merger of the Una Water District and the Spartanburg Water District 11/09/1988.
ISO Rating reduced from a 7 to a 5.
1989 The Una Fire Service Area created by Spartanburg County Council 1/25/1989.
Paid Personnel Added 2/13/1989.
Purchased 1989 Pierce.
Brush truck was purchased.
1994 New service truck was purchased.
1995 Ford Bronco was purchased as the Fire Chief's transportation.
2000 Incorporated the Arcadia Fire Dist. into Una's Fire District
2002 ISO rating went from 5 to 4.
Engine 1 was purchased.
Pierce engine was purchased.
2004 Construction began on new station.
2005 New station was finished and fire department moved July 2005.
2006 Pavilion & Basketball Court finished and open to the public in May 2006.
Purchased 1989 Pierce Arrow 75' Ladder Truck from Company Two Fire Sales in Hampton S.C. 7/14/06
1989 Pierce Arrow 75' Ladder Truck was put into service on September 11, 2006.
1995 KME pumper was purchased and place into service in 2017.
2018 2017 F250 Truck was purchased and placed in service on March 19, 2018.
  ISO rating went from 4 to 3.
2019 2018 F550 Squad Truck was purchased and placed in service 2019.
2020 2005 Kenworth EVI Walk-In Rescue was purchased and placed in service from Wade Hampton Fire      Department in Greenville, S.C.
If you have or know of any thing that should be added to this page, please call or email us with the information. We will research it and then add it to our history.
Pictured (from l to r): 1st Row: John Fowler, Boyce West, Carl Gibbs, Joseph Dudley White, Billy Fowler, 2nd Row: R.B. Hayes, John Waldrop, J.J. Cochran, Clint Hall, Larry Smith, Oren Bagwell, Carl Smith, John Fowler Jr. 3rd Row: Bobby Bowers, Marvin Smith, Don Hill, Carl Bowers, Buddy Hadden, Top: Leonard Boles,     Bob Crib, and the Mascot - Hard Rock
Pictured (from l to r): Harry Barnett, Jeff Hadden, Johnny Worthy, Dennis Sisk, Buddy Hadden, Frank Jenkins Jr., Carl bowers, Alan Sisk, Tony Acton, 2nd Row: Bill Page 3rd row: Jackie Fuller, Ronnie Barnes (Chief), Carl McAbee, Donnie Rollins, David Halford, Roy Jenkins, Frank Jenkins, Patty Halford, Walt Smith, Lee Acton, Terry Jenkins, Dennis Hyatt (Captain), Cleve Smith, Donald Sisk (Asst. Chief), Tom Chambers
Pictured (from l to r): (Back Row) Robert Hurst, Danny Lemmons, Jeff Hadden, Buddy Hadden, Donald Sisk, Paul Sisk, Danny Gulledge, John Dean, Michael Pace (Front Row): Brian Rivers, Tony Acton, JR James, Danielle Henry, "Chief", Andy Sears, Ann Howell, Steve Howell, Travis Hale
Pictured (from l to r): (Kneeling) Ted Shelton, Phillip West, Jeff Howard, Justin Howard, Cody Weathers, Jackie Fuller, Andy Sears, Trey Jenkins (Standing): Captain Buddy Hadden, Captain Todd Dorsey, Chief Jeff Hadden, Tommy Dorsey, Brian Cothran, Michael Dorsey, Jesse Harper, Ashley Hill, Dallas Miller, Arrin Matthews, Rebecca Cothran, Eddie Haden, Lieutenant Ashley Norfolk, Sergeant Tony Acton, Asst. Chief Harold Jenkins, Asst. Chief Kenny Matthews