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Every thing you need to know about Open Burning

News Release: July 1, 2004
News Release: July 1, 2004
Columbia - South Carolina's new regulations on open burning have gone into effect, the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental control reported today.

"These rules are designed to help improve our air quality and to protect the public's health," according to Myra C. Reece, DHEC's chief of the Bureau of Air Quality. "The goal is to reduce smoke and other emissions that contribute to ground-level ozone pollution."

Reece said the revised regulations are part of the state's Early Action compact process to improve air quality. The initiative involves DHEC, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state and local governments, industry, environmental groups and others interested in bringing cleaner air sooner to south Carolinians. The EPA earlier this year identified several South Carolina areas that were not meeting new federal ozone pollution standards.

"Additional restrictions on open burning were needed because the smoke from burning pollutes the air and can cause health problems for children and adults," Reece said.

Without exception, under the new open burning regulations it is illegal to burn:
Household Garbage and Trash
Motor and waste heating oils
Roofing Materials such as shingles and tar
Tires and other rubber products
Household cleaners
Farm Chemicals
Electrical wire
Insulation and duct work
"Homeowners can generally burn yard trimmings if local ordinances allow it and it does not cause a public nuisance," Reece said. "Other allowed burning includes fireplaces, campfires, outdoor barbecues and bonfires for festivals and other occasions."

Reece said construction waste from commercial development may no longer be burned and the burning of wastes associated with residential home construction shall include only clean lumber. No construction waste may be burned during the April 1st through October 30th ground-level ozone season. Consult local government ordinances for other possible restrictions. Anyone with questions whether outdoor burning is allowed should contact their local DHEC Environmental Quality Control District office. A list of the Local EQC district offices can be found at